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camposantoblog: Each shot of the In the Valley…


Each shot of the In the Valley of Gods trailer went through a number of iterations before ending up in the final cut. The idea of this opening shot—a cramped silent film frame blooming open into a wide, dramatic desert vista—was established pretty early on in our development of the trailer. It sets the tone, it hints at the scale of our story, and it gives us a target for how we want our sweeping outdoor spaces to feel in the final game.

I started with a series of quick studies from Lawrence of Arabia to get myself in the right mindset. If anyone knows how to make a lot of sand look exceedingly dramatic, it’s cinematographer Freddie Young:


The vista for this shot draws inspiration from the wide, terraced hills above Luxor, to lead naturally into the temple facade in the next shot being nestled in the recessed limestone cliffs.

We vacillated between modeling out this vista in 3D, vs. a 2D matte painting, but in the end it made the most sense to paint it as a matte painting that we could have far more control over, and redirect Jane’s efforts to more pressing environments in the trailer. Jane modeled and lit a rough layout based on my early concepts, and from there I just painted the dang thing until it was done.

Everything behind the foreground sand-dunes is hand-painted, with additional heat shimmer and sand FX to break up the shot courtesy of Matt Wilde.


From top to bottom: Rough Storyboards, Color/Composition Studies, Final Concept, Final Shot, Lawrence of Arabia Studies, Final Shot In Motion

scurviesdisneyblog: Visual development for Pix…


Visual development for Pixar’s Coco from The Art of Coco

The Eyes of Bayonetta 2 – Official Art Book

The Eyes of Bayonetta 2 – Official Art Book

Forest of Liars –  Sylvain Sarrailh

Forest of Liars – 

Sylvain Sarrailh

hey guys! After my last (not so positive) post…

hey guys! After my last (not so positive) post I got a bunch of kind messages from all of you, and I wanted to thank you for being so supportive and sweet. <3 

Your encouraging words really made me let go of these negative thoughts at least for a little while, and as a result I actually felt really inspired and I spent my Sunday evening in bed, painting this. Honestly, it was so much fun!
It’s a colour study of a random photo I found on Pinterest.

As a ‘thank you’ I decided to record the process, so I’ll be sharing the video soon:) I hope you’ll find it somewhat interesting or useful. 

elioli-art: Part 1 Some of the early concepts …


Part 1

Some of the early concepts for the Trolls TV series. All we were initially told was that it had felt textures, Scandinavian shapes, and were given a small sample of the movie plants to ref.  Other than that, it doesn’t look much like the final film, which looks better. Haha 



3 beautiful and emotional story sketches by Glen Keane. Treasure Planet. (I’m Still Here)



Bambi Concept Art

outsidematthieu: talesfromweirdland: Concept …



Concept art for the unproduced The Curse of Monkey Island movie. Art by Steve Purcell, who had been involved with the original 1990 game.

Steven Spielberg was interested in directing, and asked Ted Elliott to write the story. Concept art was created, ideas were brainstormed, but eventually, Hollywood being Hollywood, nothing came of the project and it was abandoned. Ted Elliott however went on to write the first few Pirates of the Caribbean movies…

Would have been cool to see this been made : (

Disney Animation unveiled a new piece of conce…

Disney Animation unveiled a new piece of concept art today from Ralph Breaks the Internet. The Wreck-It Ralph sequel’s release date has been pushed from March 9 to November 21, 2018.