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Developing Character @ Jumpship


Hi guys, Chris Olsen, project Director on Somerville.  I thought I’d drop a little bit more info about the inner workings, so I thought no better a start than character. 

It was always my intention that character performance be a pillar of the game no matter the camera distance and for this as a baseline we needed readable silhouettes. 


Some great early concepts from Gareth Davies.  Carving out as much negative space as possible coupled with costume accents for joints to bring out readable body dynamics.

When I first started this project years ago Eric Chahi/Delphine Software’s “Another World” and “Flashback” represented the perfect character  reference for me.


Readable, minimal. I could spot those sprites 20ft from my screen.  However as we progressed and my need to get the camera in close, grew – We knew we had to address our characters faces.


Our rigging/modelling/assets aficionado Mads took to iterating our models.  Tackling the challenge of appeal when the character isn’t a million miles away from the screen. 


Damon, our principle animator was in charge of establishing a core personality and anim style.  Mads built some handy features into the rig, including smear frame controls to distort our models.


Then I get to take all this lovely work and bring it into Unity to play with physics props, lighting and shaders.

We still have a ways to go on our cast but it’s in the right direction now and all those fancy things I briefed the crew we “needed” are now standard features.

Thank you for your time 🙂

jennycalabro: marvelentertainment: Meet the…



Meet the team! Here’s your first look at the heroes of “Marvel Rising.” More details on

Check it out! Here’s one of the shows I’ve been working on, Marvel Rising! I got to design a few of the characters here: Ms. Marvel, Squirrel Girl, Ghost Spider & Patriot! Outside of Animals, this is the first time my character designs are being shown publicly! It’s extremely nerve racking because these characters come from such a big franchise!💦💦💦 The lovely Helen Chen, @jigokuen , did the initial concept art! Go check out the beautiful poster she did!

Marvel Rising – Mingjue Helen Chen

Marvel Rising – Mingjue Helen Chen

Marvel Rising – Mingjue Helen Chen

Marvel Rising – Mingjue Helen Chen

Had my first day off on Saturday, after 2 week…

Had my first day off on Saturday, after 2 weeks of working 12-15 hrs a day. IT FELT GOOD. (the day off haha)

I’m so exhausted but at the same time I’m learning so so much while working on these projects. Pushing my boundaries like never before probably. And most of the time I am so far past my comfort zone I can’t even see it on the horizon lol but I can literally feel the improvement day by day and that’s like the best feeling ever. It gets me so excited that I just wanna draw more and ‘try’ my new skills or something. I don’t think I’ve ever even felt that but there you go. Everyday something new haha

Okay enough rambling, gotta get back to work. 

Also lately I’ve been a bit more active on Instagram, so if you wish feel free to check it out <3

I guess my art is in the &lsquo;pink on a yell…

I guess my art is in the ‘pink on a yellow background’ phase now ☀️🐤

Anyway, I finally managed to create something fully coloured on my iPad, from start to finish! yay! 

I’m really starting to enjoy drawing in Procreate tho. In a way it’s not super comfortable because of some small technical restrictions, like the lack of clipping layers and colour history. Or having to open the colour palette every time I need to change colours. 

But on the other hand it feels really liberating. Like I don’t feel that strong urge to make everything perfect, maybe exactly because of these issues. I don’t want to go through all the trouble sometimes and I accept that things will just be messier because I’m lazy. I love that <3 It’s amazing how different your art can be if you just switch tools. It completely changes the way you approach things. 

I shared some WIP videos of this drawing in my Instagram stories, so if you’re interested in seeing more of these things feel free to follow me there:) 

Incredibles 2- Daniel Lopez Munoz

Incredibles 2– Daniel Lopez Munoz

and here’s the timelapse video of me drawing J…

and here’s the timelapse video of me drawing Jack, hope you’ll like it! 
You can see the full image in my previous post. 


So you saw the backgrounds, and now here’s Jac…

So you saw the backgrounds, and now here’s Jack! One of the characters I designed for Studio Geppetto’s short VR film. 

I also did a time lapse video of the process. It’s up on my YouTube channel so if you’re interested here’s a link ! Hope you’ll enjoy watching it :))

after another pause, I’m backkkk:) 

after another pause, I’m backkkk:) 

It’s been a while since I’ve done any studies, so I thought it was about time now. 

Since Tumblr is not very interactive, here is a little Instagram Challenge for you:)

Here is a link to the ref pack that I used to create these expressions. I invite you all to pick at least 4 and do studies of them. Whether you draw the actual girl on the picture with realistic proportions and all, or you do it like me – putting the expressions on a character, it doesn’t matter. Just do at least 4 studies, post them on Instagram and tag me. I would love to see your take on this exercise and even give some feedback if anyone needs it 🙂 

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