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SMALLFOOT 2012-2013


More SMALLFOOT stuff 2012-2013

Character design work by

Tapan Gandhi

for Disney TVA’s reboot of DuckTales. (source)

Character design art from Laika’s Missing Link (2019). (source)


In 2012, The Spa Studios offered me the opportunity to join their team.
Smallfoot was the first movie I ever worked on as a character designer.

Years before I started to dedicate myself to comics, illustration and children’s publications. I did those jobs in Comicup Design Studio.

I met great people there, professionals in their trade, good friends. I inked many pages of incredible artists and drew comic books among other things. But with no doubt, working with my father was the best experience. That settled in me a base that allowed me to enter on The Spa Studios.

Sergio recruited a team for the preproduction of his movie “Smallfoot”. Then, I was part of the -Old Dream Team Spa-

The imagination and creativity that was breathed in that study was superior.
Constant feedback from where great ideas emerged, good chemistry.

We all spent sleepless nights to give the best of ourselves, we loved the project.
I made very special friends there, of which I’m still learning.

Six years later, I share a small sample of my work.
Yetis, as like many contributions from my colleagues, never saw the light.

Early character development art by Heidi Smith for Laika’s Missing Link (2019).

Heidi Smith won an Annie Award in 2013 for her work on ParaNorman. You can find more of her art on Blogspot.

Character design work by

Max Narciso

for Laika’s Missing Link (2019). (source)

Portrait lighting studies rendered by Phil Shoebottom for Pixar’s Toy Story 4. (source)

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