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Archibald’s Next Big Thing is coming to Netflix

Tony Hale, best known for his roles in Arrested Development and Toy Story 4 (as Forky), is taking on a writer role as the creator and executive producer of Archibald’s Next Big Thing. Hale is also continuing his voice acting career as the title character of the series. DreamWorks Animation premieres the new animated comedy series on Netflix, September 6.


DreamWorks/Netflix: Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts Teaser

The Annecy International Animated Film Festival reveals yet another announcement about an upcoming animated series, this time coming to Netflix, by way of DreamWorks TV.

Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts is set in a post apocalyptic world: larger than life animals populate vibrant, overgrown urban landscapes, in a beautiful and deadly world. Kipo is raised underground with the rest of the population, until she leaves to find the surface world, singing, playing guitar, fighting monsters and making friends along the way. 

Fans of other Netflix animated series may recognize the voice of lead character Kipo, as she is voiced by Karen Fukuhara, the actress who plays Glimmer in She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.

Radford Sechrist (How To Train Your Dragon 2) is the creator of Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts, and the show is executive produced by him and Bill Wolkoff (Once Upon A Time). The release date of the series has not been announced.


New Character Intros Reveal More About Amphibia

In anticipation of the upcoming release of Amphibia on June 17, Disney has been releasing character intro videos this week. Each one introduces us to key characters, while revealing tidbits of information about the world and series. In this video, Anne reveals she’s from “another world.”

Two intros have been released so far, including one about a frog character called Sprig.

Disney has been pretty active releasing info about this and other upcoming series, including lots of new footage for Owl House as well, which we posted about earlier.


Annecy Reveals Chip ‘n’ Dale Are Moving To The Big City

Calling it a reboot, Disney announced a brand new Chip ‘n’ Dale cartoon at their Disney Channel and Disney Plus animated series press conference at Annecy. The series will be exclusive to the Disney Plus streaming platform. The show is being developed in Europe, a collaboration between Disney’s London team, and French animation studio Xilam (Oggy and the Cockroaches, Mr. Magoo). 

Disney announced 39 episodes with a seven minute run time. The series will shout out to the original characters with hand drawn animation and classic slap-stick, while putting them in a new urban locale.

Besides the look, new situation, and classic characters that we love, Disney had a lot to say about staying committed to animation as a cornerstone of their company. The future looks bright!


Adventure Time Comes To Brawlhalla

As seen at E3 2019, Adventure Time is coming to Brawlhalla as DLC, including Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum and more. The style of the game has even been made to match the look of Adventure Time, even more than it already does.

The game and DLC update are available now on Steam, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One on

GRIS Beautiful 2D Trailer

This gorgeous 2D platformer developed by Nomada Studio, is releasing December 13th on Nintendo Switch and PC. 


Brandon Warren Teases Upcoming DuckTales Episode 

Brandon Warren, a storyboard artist at Disney TV Animation on DuckTales, tweeted out a teaser for the upcoming Saturday episode of DuckTales on Wednesday. He shared the above image, along with a statement highlighting the writer, director and storyboard artists (including himself) behind the episode. 

New #DuckTales Episode this SATURDAY 11/17. See what happens when Storkules comes to Duckburg! Written by @madisonbateman Directed by @americanninjax Storyboarded by @gostephgo, Vaughn Tada & myself. We had a lot of fun working with the ½ man, the myth, the legend, STORKULES! – Brandon Warren


Ralph Breaks The Internet Is Coming Very Soon

Are you going? The film comes out in a week on November 21. This trailer gives the impression of a Ready Player One, and the film is looking crazier than ever. 


Mamoru Hasoda’s Mirai Gets Nonlinear In This Official English Trailer

Mirai from Mamoru Hasoda (Summer Wars, The Boy and the Beast) officially released July 2018 in Japan, but is now coming to the US. GKIDS releases Mirai on November 30th, and it will be showing in limited release in various theaters around the country, including as Fathom Events. 

As we previously wrote

The film follows four-year-old Kun-chan as he becomes a big brother to Mirai, his baby sister whom he believes “stole his parents’ love from him,” Anime News Network reports. During the first “overwhelming” time in Kun-chan’s life, he ends up meeting an older version of his sister when she arrives from the future. 



We’ve gotten some thoughts on the Pokemon Detective Pikachu Trailer, after we shared it today. Here are some of your thoughts:

@1999saturn-s: “this is the Mario Bros live action movie of the 21st century”

@harmonicacave: “I love one (1) smol yellow detective.”

@robofists-revenge: “This was the most surreal movie trailer I’ve ever seen in my life. Shame

it was given to Rob Letterman, his track record is abysmal, but fingers crossed that WB knows how important this license is to let him mess it up.”

Will it be the next Mario Brothers live action movie, like 1999saturn-s suggests? Robofists-revenge makes a good point too. Not the most tested director, but we are looking at a cardinal studio here with one of the biggest money makers of franchises in their hands. Hopefully the film ends up being a winner. I think it’s got the look, but I hope the story is there. 

– Christopher