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“Chicken Run” Sequel On Its Way, Says Aardman

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news early Thursday morning that StudioCanal, Pathe and Aardman Animation are teaming up again for a sequel to 2000 animated hit “Chicken Run.” 

The original film remains the most successful stop-motion film of all time, in part because of its U.S. distribution by DreamWorks Animation ($106 million of the film’s $225 million gross came from the states).

The sequel film does not yet posses a release date, but it does have its director: Sam Fell (LAIKA’s “ParaNorman”). Aardman’s Peter Lord and Nick Park (Wallace & Gromit, “Early Man”) directed the original, and while Lord returns as executive producer, Park is not currently involved. 

“Chicken Run” scribes Karey Kirkpatrick and John O’Farrell return to write the script. 

Aardman is currently at work on a different sequel: “Shaun the Sheep Movie Farmageddon,” set for 2019. It is likely that production on “Chicken Run 2″ will begin after Farmageddon’s release. 

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“He Who Must Not Be Named”: Can John Lasseter …

“He Who Must Not Be Named”: Can John Lasseter Ever Return to Disney?:

THR originally reported on Lasseter’s sabbatical in November 2017, following other reports about his behavior the same day.

EXCLUSIVE: Idina Menzel Leaks ‘Frozen 3&…

EXCLUSIVE: Idina Menzel Leaks ‘Frozen 3’


“Reporters at Deadline Hollywood uncovered the next steps for the successful Disney film franchise earlier this morning after speaking with lead Idina Menzel (Elsa).

Frozen 2 was officially announced in mid-2015 and the widely criticized 20-minute featurette

“Olaf’s Frozen Adventure” premiered late last year in front of Disney•Pixar’s Coco.

Reportedly, the third full installment of the Frozen brand will combine aspects of Frozen 2 and Olaf’s Frozen Adventure. Menzel gave Deadline a sneak peek into the future marketing campaign:

Unlike any film before its time, Frozen 3 will truly capture audiences worldwide. Participating theaters will be instructed to guide any customer into the designated Frozen theaters no matter what ticket the customer had purchased.

Guests will then be lined up and placed into priority seating, which involves the customer being securely fastened into the chair for safety. Restraints will not be released until the theater employees have been instructed to.

A fifteen-minute intermission will be given to all audiences, during which a horse carcass will be displayed and each guest will be required to give at least one beating with an approved stick. (It is unclear if theaters will provide the sticks or if guests will have to purchase them beforehand.)

After Idina Menzel finished her morning coffee she had acquired while speaking with our reporters, she remarked, “You f***ers will never make it out alive.”

Frozen 3′s release date is currently not known.”

via Deadline:

via Deadline:

Disney Channel has greenlighted a pair of kid-targeted animated series: Amphibia (created by Matt Braly), a comedy about a girl who gets transported to the titular world, and The Owl House (created by Dana Terrace), a horror comedy about a teenage human girl who stumbles upon a portal to the Demon Realm. Both are set to premiere in 2019.

Skydance Media signs “Tangled” director for “P…

Nathan Greno, the director of Disney’s Tangled, has agreed to a multiyear deal with the new animated feature film group that includes directing a feature, working title “Powerless,” and consulting on previously announced films “Split” and “Luck.”

Greno takes with him experience as creative advisor on “Big Hero 6,” head of story on “Bolt,” writer of “Meet the Robinsons” and co-director of “Tangled.” 

Greno joins a company of all-stars in animation, including former DreamWorks Animation employees Bill Damaschke, “Shrek” director Vicky Jenson and “Kung Fu Panda 3″ co-director Alessandro Carloni. Another Disney screenwriter is already working with Skydance Media as well: Linda Woolverton (“Beauty and the Beast,” “Lion King”).

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Disney Television Animation is developing anot…

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Disney Television Animation is developing another Marvel property into an animated show: Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur

“Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur” will follow fellow Marvel property “Big Hero 6” as the next more-obscure comic property to be developed for Disney Channel (or its sister stations Disney Junior or Disney XD). 

According to the comics, Moon Girl — also known as Lunella Lafayette — is a “preteen super genius” as well as a part of the Inhuman race (as in, ABC show Marvel’s Inhumans, or obviously the comics). The nine-year-old teams up with her partner, Devil Dinosaur, after he was transported through time to our modern age.

The show is being developed by Lawrence Fishburne (“Black-ish,” The Matrix) and Helen Sugland (executive producer, “Black-ish” and “Grown-ish”). Disney has not yet announced the intended channel, but the premise seems to be an equally good fit for the Marvel-heavy Disney XD, the strong female leads of Disney Channel or the encouraging, educational Disney Junior. 

While the show is likely to be based solely on the comic books by Amy Reeder and Brandon Montclare, Devil Dinosaur originated from a comic and television series concept developed by comic legend Jack Kirby: Devil Dinosaur. This comic, following the exploits of the dinosaur and his partner Moon-Boy, had a very short run (April-December 1978) and was never developed for animation as planned.

The Moon Girl comics have been in publication since 2015.

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Shigeru Miyamoto Discusses Illumination’s Supe…

Shigeru Miyamoto Discusses Illumination’s Super Mario Bros. Film: undefined

Annie Awards: ‘Coco’ Tops the Animation Celebr…

Annie Awards: ‘Coco’ Tops the Animation Celebration:

That’s a wrap on this year’s Annie Awards! If you missed any of the winners, you can find the full list at the link.

Entertainment Weekly previews new character, a…

Entertainment Weekly previews new character, animation style for Disney Junior’s Muppet Babies reboot

The original series, created by Muppet mastermind Jim Henson, had a six-year run from 1984-1991 on CBS. This new series, which premieres in March, will include a new character — Summer the Penguin — alongside Gonzo, Fozzie, Animal, Miss Piggy and Kermit. 

Summer was designed by art director Chris Moreno and executive producer Tom Warburton, and she will be voiced by Jessica DiCicco (Adventure Time’s Flame Princess, Gravity Falls’ Tamby, The Loud House’s Lucy & Lynn).

Warburton brings experience from The 7D and Fish Hooks, as well as  creator of early-2000s hit Codename: Kids Next Door. 

Visit to watch their exclusive video or to read more about the show.

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Warner Animation answers Illumination’s “Grinc…

Minions-making Illumination Entertainment may have its classic Dr. Seuss film in theaters this November, but it appears that Warner Animation Group won’t let the Grinch ruin any of its celebrations, as WAG announced a deal to make several Dr. Seuss films today. 

Warner’s Seuss film slate begins with The Cat in the Hat, which is still in the development stage and will be soon looking for a screenwriter. 

Dr. Seuss (a pen name for Theodor Geisel) published more than 60 books and inspired several films for animation and live action, including the very popular How the Grinch Stole Christmas films (1966, 2000), Horton Hears a Who! and The Lorax

The Cat in the Hat was less successful as a film, but the characters have enjoyed a long run on television — currently, as The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That, a half-hour animated show first aired in 2010.

Interestingly, Dr. Seuss’ first book to be adapted to film was Horton Hatches the Egg, produced in 1942 by Warner Bros. as part of the group’s “Merrie Melodies” series of short films — yes, the same series that introduced the world to Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd. 

Is Warner’s new plan a recipe for a box office smash?

WAG’s films of late have been wildly entertaining — there’s a reason so many feel Lego Batman was snubbed by the Oscars. It will be interesting to see where Warner goes with its Dr. Seuss deal on top of the films already in production: 

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