Twitter account Suspended.

Hello everybody!

So yeah, my Twitter account got suspended, l think it’s because one old video had a copyright song and l got striked.

I will see if l can have my account back, it’s hard for me to find back old animations with songs so l couldn’t delet in time.

If some of you here are also in Twitter, if you could spread this information it would be great!

The video was “Don’t quit, Do it” something about support but well, copyright is copyright.

I should stop using songs to videos now l guess but well, it’s hard for me to find them back since l post so many content …. but sur l will if l can.

If my account can’t be back well, l just want to say that it was 3 amazing years in Twitter and l hope that my content made you happy 🙂

I will try my best to get my account back ^^