A second note. Don’t worry too much please.

Things like that happens a lot, l deleted many videos but l guess they found one with a song that got striked and it happened.

I share content just to bring smiles, not to claim copyrights so l will see how it goes.

Really, if my account can’t be back please do not worry for me, it’s alright.

I’m really happy and proud that l could be able to make people happy and feeling good on Twitter when l see all the things that happens everyday.

I’m still there, l’m alive and in good health ^^ it’s what matter.

I thank you all for the love you brang to me there as well, 339000 followes is like massive number and all of this is not lost, all the good memories will stay there with you.

Thank you all and keep going, wish you the best for your life, your futur and l do not worry for me, l had a great pleasure to animate things for you 🙂 and l’m happy l could help people with my work.