Annecy Reveals Chip ‘n’ Dale Are Moving To The…

Annecy Reveals Chip ‘n’ Dale Are Moving To The Big City

Calling it a reboot, Disney announced a brand new Chip ‘n’ Dale cartoon at their Disney Channel and Disney Plus animated series press conference at Annecy. The series will be exclusive to the Disney Plus streaming platform. The show is being developed in Europe, a collaboration between Disney’s London team, and French animation studio Xilam (Oggy and the Cockroaches, Mr. Magoo). 

Disney announced 39 episodes with a seven minute run time. The series will shout out to the original characters with hand drawn animation and classic slap-stick, while putting them in a new urban locale.

Besides the look, new situation, and classic characters that we love, Disney had a lot to say about staying committed to animation as a cornerstone of their company. The future looks bright!