me, when someone says summer is over. NO. 

me, when someone says summer is over. NO. 

woah I’ve been absent for quite some time now! Part of the reason is because I’m slowly transitioning to Instagram because it’s more interactive and well, popular. 
I’ve had (and am still having!) a wonderful summer, worked on some very cool projects before that and now it’s time to get back on track. 

I made this big-ass to do list for this month because I really really want to start drawing more again. When creating it, it was very important for me to write down a couple of things that I really want to focus my attention on this month, and accordingly list some useful exercises. 
At the bottom I also added a list of things I can draw should I get stuck (because oh boi, does that happen a lllllot). Actually that’s probably my #1 reason why I don’t draw enough – because I don’t know what exactly, I don’t have a goal, so I just don’t draw. I mean it’s only logical.

My other big problem when it comes to completing these lists, is that I’m fairly confident when giving my future self the assignments. But then when I actually have to work on them, I would start questioning my choices and rule out most of the assignments because ‘there are far more important and useful exercises to be done and completing this list would be a waste of time’. (read that with the most annoying smarty-pants voice you have) No idea why would I possibly think that this makes any sense, but I do. And I quit. And then of course I don’t draw anything else that’s supposedly ‘better than the things on my checklist’ because such a thing DOESN’T EXIST. Everything is equally important in my case, because no matter what I draw I will improve. But my overthinking-self doesn’t seem to think so apparently.

I heard this really cool thing on a YouTube video by Jake Parker last night. It was about those times when you’re afraid to draw because you’re afraid the drawing won’t be perfect. Now we all know that’s bullshit, but we’ve all had that thought at least once, or in my case – every single time. But the thing is, and those are Jake’s words – whatever you draw perfectly today, you’re gonna hate it a year from now, because you’ve moved on and you’ve gotten better. So why should you stress about it being perfect now, when you’re naturally going to get better in the future? 
I mean when I heard this I had to replay that part of the video a couple of times, because IT JUST MADE SO MUCH SENSE. Like truly, I felt it with my whole body, it’s just so true! Finished, not perfect! 

I wrote that whole thing down at the end of my list, so I can reread it whenever I need to remind myself that I just need to finish the goddamn list, and that I don’t need to question anything, I don’t need to think of better assignments, I don’t need to stress over drawing beautiful things. I just need to draw. Period. And most of these drawings will suck but that’s FINE and it’s kinda the whole point of it, so they can stop sucking at some point.