Souten no Ken: REGENESIS 

Looking for a new show or few this anime season? Animation Force contributing writer Austin has a few recommendations (continued below the cut).


Steins;gate 0

Origin: Sequel

Studio: White Fox

Genre: Sci-fi, Thriller, Drama

Premise: Sequel to the iconic 2011 time traveling sci-fi epic Steins;gate, “Steins;gate 0” takes place in an alternate timeline where one of the main characters didn’t survive. Looks to have a darker edge than the original and includes some new characters. 

Prediction: Fans of the original will be thrilled to see the series coming back. Those who haven’t seen the original should do so with all haste. This is a clear must watch. Must watch.


FLCL Progressive

Origin: Sequel

Studio: Production I.G.

Genre: Sci-fi, Mecha

Premise: A sequel set in the semi distant future of the classic weird Sci-fi mecha series. Expect this to be just as out of this world and energetic as the original.

Prediction: FLCL is an important piece of anime history and everyone owes it to themselves to give it a try. I have a feeling the sequel will be similar; very good but some people will be too weirded out to enjoy it properly. Recommended watch.


Persona 5: The Animation

Origin: Video Game

Studio: A-1 Pictures

Genre: Action, Supernatural

Premise: A teen boy is gifted the power to steal hearts; that is to radically change the way people perceive the world and themselves. Equipped with this power, he and a band of friends try to do good deeds. But will it all come back to haunt them?

Prediction: The video game this is based off of is one of the most stylish and fun JRPGs in years. The cutscenes are all excellent and there is plenty of story material to work with. “Persona 4: The Animation” turned out great. All signs point to this being a stand out anime for the season. Recommended watch.


Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii

Origin: Manga

Studio: A-1 Pictures

Genre: Romance, Slice of Life

Premise: A fujoshi (consumer of boy-love media) and an otaku (obsessive geek) who knew each other in high school meet again in the adult world when they both turn up at the same job. Will they be able to find romance with each other?

Prediction: Every few seasons of anime there tends to be a very cute Slice of Life dating series such as “Servant x Service” or “Recovery of an MMO Junkie.” I’m trusting A-1 to make a quality product and betting that this show will be the cute slice of life I’ve been waiting for since MMO Junkie. Recommended watch.


Legend of Galactic Heroes (Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu -Die Neue These- Kaikou)

Origin: Remake

Studio: Production I.G.

Genre: Sci-fi, Epic

Premise: In the far future the democratic Free Planets Alliance and the Monarchic Galactic Empire are at war with each other. Two brilliant strategists rise on each side as questions of morality and human governance are explored through the competing sides.

Prediction: This is a fresh coat of paint on the definitive sci-fi epic in Japanese media. The original is everything it is billed to be and more. You’d be doing yourself a disservice to miss it or this remake. Must watch.


Devil’s Line

Origin: Manga

Studio: Platinum Vision

Genre: Seinen, Romance, Horror, Supernatural, Action

Premise: A girl is saved from an attack by a devil (read: Vampire) by a half devil who is a member of a police force that works on protecting from devil attacks. As the two bond, the half vampire fears he may become tempted to drink her blood.

Prediction: Full confession; I’ve never heard of Platinum Vision either good or bad so I have no basis for studio quality. Additionally, Seinen is a relatively niche genre. Having said that the romance aspect of this may make it approachable for those who might normally be turned off of Seinen. I plan to give it three episodes to show its quality but it is in danger of being replaced by other shows if it isn’t good early. Watch if the premise interests you.


Golden Kamuy

Origin: Manga

Studio: Geno Studio

Genre: Historical, Action, Mystery

Premise: A down on his luck gold miner finds a map pointing to a priceless treasure. Unfortunately for him he is not the only one who knows and the other groups pursuing it will kill to have it.

Prediction: The manga is supposedly a stand out award winner so the base source should be excellent. The trailers make it look quite excellent and I am quite excited for it. Recommended watch; there’s a lot of promise here.


Magical Girl Site

Origin: Manga

Studio: production doA 

Genre: Magical girl, Psychological, Horror

Premise: A bullied young girl finds a strange website that sends her straight into the magical girl apocalypse, a strange war between young magical girls.

Prediction: I personally love dark magical girl and have since “Madoka Magica.” Having said that, I don’t know much about the studio, and the genre is a bit played out. This is another one I plan to give a three episode test to, to see if it is worth finishing. If dark magical girls are something that piques your interest, come with me.



Origin: Manga

Studio: feel. 

Genre: Slice of Life, Comedy

Premise: A yakuza and a strange, super-powered girl end up living together and hijinks ensue.

Prediction: Another one that I have seen some people hyping that I feel like deserves a three-episode test. Also, I don’t have a lot of light hearted stuff in my picks for this season so some balance in my recommendations is nice. Watch if the premise interests you.



Origin: Manga 

Studio: Zero-G

Genre: Drama, Psychological 

Premise: A device that allows you to enslave anyone you wish as long as you dominate them in some way. A battle royale style anime with an uncommon flair this should be good if it doesn’t become trashy.

Prediction: This is a series that could be quite good or it could be quite bad. It’s hard to tell before a few episodes. If it remains psychological, I think it will be a recommended watch. But if it goes down a trashy route, it could fall to “watch only if you are a fan of the series/genre”  or even be “not recommended.” I plan to give a three episode test to it, but others who are on the fence might wait for a few episodes to see what others think of it.


Souten no Ken: REGENESIS 

Origin: Prequel 

Studio: Polygon Pictures 

Genre: Action

Premise: Set in 1930s Shanghai, the city is divided into different power bases. Gangs are common and rule the streets. One man dares to go against them.

Prediction: Prequel to the legendary “Fist of the North Star” series, those who are interested in the history of Shounen should be interested in this show.

What are you watching this spring anime season? Did we miss any good ones?

– Austin