If the Most Recent Windows Update Just Screwed…






There are some solutions and workarounds for turning off Windows Ink, which seems to be the root of the problem of making people’s pens go crazy. It will make your tablet actually start working decently again with your normal commands/gestures, but due to some kind of bug or whatever, turning off Windows Ink also disables pen pressure. So how do fix for a workaround?

The first is the Photoshop Fix that was found by @mandyjacek
(click for the thread!) where you have to go into Photoshop’s files and add in a txt file you can write very simply yourself that forces Photoshop to use the TabletPC API instead of the WinTab API. After a restart, it began working for me again more or less like it should.

The Second is in SAI:


i was almost as if the developer knew there were gonna be some bullshittin’ down the road and gave us an option.

I haven’t seen a fix for CLIP STUDIO or other art programs yet, but this is at least a start until Windows and Wacom get get back to seeing one another eye-to-eye again.

These have at least worked for me, and I hope for you all as well.

not sure if this has been found already but i found something that worked for for me with CLIP STUDIO.

first turn OFF windows ink!

Then open CLIP STUDIO and go into PREFERENCES

Finally go onto the Tablet option. from there change it from TabletPC to Wintab!

hopefully this will work for you if you use clipstudio!

Reblogging for the Clip Fix!

Gotta try that PS and Sai one!

I will say the most recent update did not affect my system since I run off of Windows 7, BUT this is helpful for anyone who is having issues